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Founded in Sedona, AZ in 2003 by Joshua Savage, yogi, hacker, eater of fruit. YogaJunkie makes the wink and nod "I'm a yogi too" t-shirts that you wear outside of the studio. Andrea Lake, founder of StickerJunkie, business addict, road trip junkie, lover of life, and close friend of Joshua pestered him pretty much non-stop for 7 years until finally (because he was so busy with his new baby: Timeshout) he agreed to sell her the company in 2010, and the great re-launching began.

Our mission is to connect and clothe all of the YogaJunkies out there, to breathe deeply, laugh often, stretch daily, walk our dogs, meditate at sunrise, appreciate our friends and enjoy this amazingly brilliant life that we get to live.


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